Where is 'Model Categories Picker'?

how to select categories? can not find any more Model Categories Picker ?
Do I have to use Category component and right click?

Now you have all Built-In Categories here.

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I got it but I struggle to select three…in search …had to use two components

You can still scroll that list and select.

The search is meant to help found or filter items on that list but if you know the exact name I recommend you using a panel with a multiline text and connect that panel to Query Categories.

As @kike mentioned, Query Categories and connecting a panel with category names works better in my opinion.
One of the problems I faced in Dynamo was, everytime a new category comes to Revit with a new version, their location in this kind of dropdown list changes. So to prevent that, querying category with a text is safer.


Hi Kike
in 2022, I am unable to find the Built-in Categories, could you please let me know ? Thanks so much!

It’s available in the Object Styles Tab… and you can use the search to find it.

Thanks so much Mohammed! Do they change the locations and names of the components with every updates? I used it in 2020(?) and coming back now , seems quite a change .

Hi Rhinospaced, check out the release notes for update details. Rhino.Inside®.Revit

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Thanks Japhy!

Bump this,

Is difficult to remember every single possible category name, would be good if the built in categories could be narrowed down in some way or the pickers are improved or have their own tab, can be confusing looking for the right picker.

The Built-In Categories picker is searchable, does that help?

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