Lands Terrain very heavy with control points

Hi everyone,

I’m using lands, and I really like it, but the control points of the terrain is making the terrain very heavy, when trying to edit.

The contours we use are pretty complex curves, but its the only source we have from the goverment.

But is there a way to turn the controlpoints off by default?
Cause everytime I by mistake touch the terrain, rhinos trying to load all the control point, without any luck, and rhino crashes / or takes very longto refresh…

Also when I hit the “Input data” tab, it takes very long(sometimes crash), when my terrain is this complex. Is there anything to do about this?

I really like the ability to work with control points, but sometimes the terrain survey is just too complex


Hi Thom,
You can disable the visualization of terrain control points, everytime you select it, after selecting the terrain, from the Lands Edit panel, Input data tab:

Hi Francesc

Thank you for your reply,

Yeah, I found this option, but is there a way to do this before selecting the terrain. Cause it takes a long time for rhino/lands to calculate/visualize all these point, when I select the terrain the first time.

Or perhaps make the control points not show on default?`

Here is my example file(couldn’t upload the file here, its too big, 27mb), and when I select the big terrain it takes 5 min to select the terrain. So with terrains as big as this, I wouldn’t use the control point to adjust the terrain I think.


Hi Toh,
Right now it is not possible to uncheck these control points edition beforehand. But it would make sense according to your request. I add your vote on this feature for future versions.

Please add this fix soon - It makes large scale terrain construction impossible to do. I am working on a coastal restoration project and the GIS contours produce so many control points. I have to rethink this terrain work since I cannot even select it without locking up my rhino model.

Back to cage edit terrain modeling + photoshop.

Hi Shane,
I can confirm that we have changed this in the new Lands Design service release. Terrains will have the control points turned off by default when they are more than 100 points.
I’ll let you know when it is released.


Hi Francesc,

Thanks a lot for fixing it this quick!