Lands Design Plant Species for sale

Does anyone know of a source for buying fully functional additional plant species for use with Lands? In particular they would need to have the seasonal variations but also would be nice to at least have some basic species information re climatic tolerance, watering, sun etc.

Would anyone be interested in buying additional plant species such as this?

I have started to create a few models myself…

Food4Rhino could be a nice place to share or even sell species for use in Lands.
We are considering to include this option, as its is done with VisualARQ styles.

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Could you elaborate please?

Hi Garth,
Albert refers to the “VisualARQ Styles” section in food4Rhino.
In the future, there could be a similar section to share plant species with the community.

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Oh yeah, of course. Yes I think that would be really nice.