LAN-Zoo: Grabbing priority


I have a customer question:

The customer has about 30 Rhino 7 licenses and 10 Rhino 8 upgrades.

When a user starts Rhino 7, does the LAN-Zoo grab a Rhino 7 license first, which is not linked to a Rhino 8 upgrade? In other words, have Rhino 7 licenses with no Rhino 8 link a higher priority for LAN-Zoo grabbing?

That would be nice, then still 10 users could grab a Rhino 8 license.



Hi Michael,

As far as I know, this has not been addressed yet. If there are more previous version licenses than upgrades in the Zoo or Cloud Zoo, I don’t think there is any mechanism that has been put in place that a previous version user grabs in priority a license that is not linked to an upgrade. At least that’s the way it has been in the past with versions up to V7. @brian correct me if I am wrong…

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There’s no good answer here, because the LAN Zoo actually hands licenses to client computers. I don’t remember what the current behavior is, but I know that we’ve had it both ways, and have had unhappy customers…

Consider a LAN Zoo with:
Seat X: 1 x Rhino 7
Seat Y: 1 x Rhino 7 + Rhino 8 Upgrade

If User A starts Rhino 7, and the LAN Zoo grabs a license from Seat X, then the same user starts Rhino 8, it will grab a license from Seat Y.

At this point, one user is using both seats. Someone will complain.

If, on the other hand, User A starts Rhino 7 and the LAN Zoo grabs a license from Seat Y, and then another user starts Rhino 8, they won’t be able to, because Seat Y is already in use.

The most robust solution is to upgrade all the licenses in the LAN Zoo.


Also, Cloud Zoo handles this. It checks all the permutations of licenses, seats, and Rhino’s running to figure out whether the next instance of Rhino will be allowed to run.


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