Ladybug solar exposure very slow to calc

Spring is here, so naturally it’s time to do a solar assessment of my dismal north facing garden.

I thought I’d start from Chris Mackey’s lux counter to start dividing the garden up. It takes 5 minutes to open, and about 1 minute to run.,0

When I feed in my model (attached) to the same script, it took about 8 hours to calculate for a single day sunpath, and crashed shortly after. I convert the curves marking out the garden to surfaces to be tested. I import the breps for the solids and roof surfaces dirtectly.
The area of surface seem about the same, although there is more opaque geometry than in the test model.
Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should start troubleshooting this? Should I be using only 2d surfaces, and trying to minimize their number?rough_shading.3dm (144.3 KB)

Hi - please see for questions related to the Ladybug Tools.