Divide the range of Days Of ladybug analysis period by 2

Hello Guys,

I am doing a SunPath analysis using ladybug buy using PeriodAnalysis. I need to show sun of
every other day . How can I do that?
Thank you in advance.

You can cull by Odd / Even numbers like below:

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Thank you Tay. This works just fine, but the sun figures still over crowded. when I assign denominator higher than 2 doesn’t really works because it just delete the day base on the number of Modulus. In my case it just count 3 days and deletes the 4th

do you think Range would help.

are you concerned about calculation time? or about sun path display?

Just display. I know it would change the data outcome.

I’d cull the curves output from your chart instead of HOYs, I usually try to reduce my HOYs to increase my calculation time.
are you using sun path component? or something else?

Yes I am Using SunPath. I think its better to just bake it and edit through rhino for better visualization.

“I usually try to reduce my HOYs to increase my calculation time.” this is clever.

Thank you Tay.

You can use this to spreadout your pattern more evenly, in a way, you are picking one every nth item.

HOYs.gh (13.9 KB)

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Wow this is perfect. it worked as I wished. I haven’t use Grasshopper since 2017, getting myself updated now. Thank you Tay. BTW the Baghdad project you have on your portfolio website its very interesting, Great work.

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Thank you Sir, our job is to keep experimenting.

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