Ladybug Radiation Analysis computing for hours


I’m trying to run a radiation analysis on a complex NURBS surface and can not finish it, because it seems to take more than 9 hours. The analysis has already worked on a slightly simpler surface with not as deep crevices. I want to compare the impact of the depth of a surface displacement with similar lines so the density is quite crucial and I need to use the mesh face vectors for the analysis.
I have tried smaller depths and meshing the geometry before running it. I am using cm as model units and a tolerance of 0.001 but I also have tried 0.001. The grid size is 0.01 and the distance is 0.001.
I am not sure if the analysis will ever come to an end and I really need to decrease the computing time because I have to do 10 analyzes in one week.
Is this NURBS surface simply too complex or are my parameters wrong?
My CPU is nearly all the time below 1% and RAM usage for Rhino is with 30000- 50000 MB at 80-99%.

here are the files:

Thanks For your help!!
(I disabled the component just for the screenshot)