Ladybug not working correctly

Hi, professionals.
I am practicing ladybug for sun test and I just download a script from the website. But when I am running it in my computer, it seems not working and the whole tested ground is with a same colour.
I wonder, is it because my rhino 7 is not compatible with the version( ladybug-tools-1-2-0, Radiance_012cb178_Windows ) or something else happens so that I can not make the script running?
The sample script is here below, I think maybe you can test on computer to see if it is working.
honey bee tut (89.7 KB)
The source I got is here : Daylight Study with Honeybee | Ladybug tools 1.2.0 | Tutorial 001 - YouTube

Many thanks in advance!

It’s better if you ask in Ladybug forum

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Oh ! Thanks !