Ladybug Forward Ray tracing Color Swatch

Hey there,

So I’m attempting to do an urban ray-tracing study. The script generates rays with simpler geometries and my urban file as well. However, the issue arises when I plug it into custom preview, or any other swatch related commands. The custom preview command doesn’t read the rays that are generated. The same script works with custom preview when I plug it into simpler geometries. I would appreciate help on how to resolve this.


Hi - what display mode are you using in the Rhino viewport?

I used Ghosted. Although i did check this in other view ports as well.

Maybe try flatten the context or convert all geometries to mesh and join them

Hi - I wasn’t able to reproduce that here. Could you internalize necessary data (the output of the Forward Raytracing component and the startPts and context inputs to that component), delete all the rest and post that file here?

Oddly enough the file is working now once I reduced the number of points on the interested along the U and V direction :woman_shrugging:

Thank You for your help though!

Thanks for that update!

Just curious… What is the building of interest in your picture? It looks like you have defined an array of points on the outside of your urban site. Typically, one of those buildings in that urban site would be the one that you are analyzing but here it looks like something else is going on…

Those points seem to be the light source. The definition that sets the number of u and v points on the interested site also update the number of points on the light source. However, I have no idea why the points from the light source are not aligning with the sun itself.

Hi - no, those points need to be the source of reflection of the light source. You get the source of light from the sun vector that comes out of the SunPath component. You place the points on the facade of the building that you are analyzing to see where the reflection of the sun on that building will go.