Labels for components?

Is there a way to show the components’ labels/names, like this?


this works well.


Thanks! Found “bifocals” but not this… cheers

Sun glasses probably won’t do what you want in this case:

The way I typically do it is to put the slider into a Group and just type in the “topic” as the name of the Group, like so:

If you Right Click on the Group and select Color, you can even make the Group invisible and so only the text will show:

Results in clear and clean:

// Rolf

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Thanks Rolf-
Actually, looking into Sunglasses a bit more, there’s an option to “Display nicknames” - seems to do the trick!

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Oh hang on… just found we can label some of the components themselves (with multiple inputs/outputs I guess) by right-clicking on input/output.

Is this bad practice?


Yes, bad practice based on my own early experiments with GH conventions, renaming standard components is a bad idea. Much better to limit custom naming to inputs and outputs, and clusters of course. OOPS! Sorry, that’s exactly what you are doing. DOH! Yes, good practice. :sunglasses:

Sunglasses is WAY BETTER than Bifocals and doesn’t impose itself on GH files with invisible labeled groups as Bifocals does.

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