Kuka PRC - Grasshopper

If I jog the robot (manually) to a desired point, is there a way to translate the position of that point into the GH script? Thank you.

the position of the KUKA (XYZabc) can be read from the kuka-tablet, and it should be based on the Base-System you are using at that moment

Kuka PRC will place any provided base at Rhino’s 0,0,0

for instance, if you are not using any custom Base in the Kuka (I kind of recall the World-base is maybe number 0? there might be a “$” somewhere) then the numbers you read on the tablet are real-world XYZ coordinates in Rhino/GH

[of course, assuming the tool you are using is perfectly calibrated]

Thank you Inno. Thats what I am trying to figure out how to read the kuka XYZabc from the kuka smart pad.

ahh :slight_smile:

that depends on your arm model :slight_smile:

in my case it was this button for the main menu:

then Display → Actual Position → Cartesian

you can check the Kuka System Software manual for your version in case it’s different

Many thanks!!! Appreciate your help. Will give it a try.