Knurling command else best approach?

Hi, V5
is there a knurling command in V5, 7 or 8 ?

I wonder what is quickest method to apply knurling round the outside (cutting into) the attached file item.
Measuring the knurls, one direction , 4 knurls were 0.113 inch, so each line (triangle thickness) is 0.113 divide 4 is 0.02825
In the opposing direction ditto, however it didn’t cut in as far,

How does one enter the second cut depth ?

I envisage a command as follows.

  1. select object
  2. select surface
  3. enter width of a knurl (command works out array number for best match to that)
  4. enter angle of knurl (normally 45deg I presume)
  5. enter width of a knurl for opposing direction (again command works out array number for best match )
  6. enter angle of second knurl (normally same angle as first one)
  7. enter difference in cut depth relative to first
  8. Initiate cut

Now I bet if there were such a command, it wouldnt have option 7 !

Ring for knurling v1.3dm (240.4 KB)



You could make one tooth where you want it and then polar array…
Ringx.3dm (809.9 KB)

Hi Jim,
thanks, that looks good, did you twiddle it to get 360deg join up ?
I then need to go the other way and not as deep. same angle of V but machine didnt cut as deep, so more twiddling.
If I go outwards with the V then I will need more V’s, so as that wouldnt be correct, whats the solution ?

I am thinking that Solidworks etc would have a knurling command, but we Rhino users have to create the shapes manually. as Rhino isnt for engineering as such.
Just as it doesnt bend metal like other progs do.

A command could be made, but for that reason, dont hold your breath.

Am I right ?



Yeah, I guess you could call it that. There are 60 teeth so each tooth covers 6 degrees so I rotated the one V to the left 6 degrees and to the right 6 degrees and used those copies to trim the original V. The copies can be deleted after trimming. Then when you array polar X 60 that one V all the V’s will join.

If you want notches in the Vs going the other way cut them in before doing the array.
Ringx2.3dm (4.6 MB)

Nope, SolidWorks doesn’t have a knurling tool. And other “solid modelers” don’t either AFAIK. We just put a note on the drawing with the corresponding spec, pointing at the surface.
To machine knurls, you don’t create toolpaths. You select the tool for the desired knurl on your lathe
and use it as if you’re threading your part.
The only time somebody would model knurling is for rendering extreme close-ups. At a normal distance, a displacement or bump map is sufficient.

Where is Rhino’s sandblasting command?
I am really getting tired modelling every scratch separately…