Keyboard Shortcuts

This may be my day for stupid questions but . . .

What is the sequence for keyboard shortcuts? E.g., when I do InterpCrv, Start Tangent has the ess underlined.

However, , , , do not activate it.

Do you mean the clicking S once the dialogue box is UP?

Any letter underlined in any command box is the key to toggle that option.

If your asking what the command options do, then help would …

No, if I I enter


I get something that looks like what you have in the sidebar.

There is a “Start Tangent” button with the ess underlined (similar to your picture). This suggests a keyboard sequence will have the same effect as clicking on the button.

However, I cannot find any key sequence that invokes it. , , do not trigger it.

My question then is:

  1. Is there a key sequence to trigger the button (rather than click); and if so
  2. What is it?

InterpCrv does this; Fit a curve through picked locations.

Most commands have options.

In this command the Start Tangent is just an OPTION within the command. It is activated by the letter that is underlined, Ess. This means if you press “S” the first point you pick on the existing cute to Interpret will be tangent to that curve.

There is no Keyboards sequence, the S is an OPTION within the command. In this command you have to pick “Places” or points on an existing curve.

If for example I run the Line command. I have options that I can pick by clicking a button or pressing the key that corresponds to that option

If I click “Both Sides” button or I press “B” on my keyboard, this means my Line command will start from the Mid-point of my line and I can then draw my line out from there, in opposite directions, hence I am drawing my line on Both Sides of it’s midpoint.

No Sequence, just an option for how I will draw my Line.

IHTH «Randy

Two more things:

  • you have to confirm the keystroke (like “S”) by pressing enter (same for all options/ all commands).
  • You have to place a second point to confirm your tangent. It will be constrained initially to the tangent of the curve you placed the first point on, you need to press “D”(Direction) + enter to go off on another tangent.


Yes, correct, oversight on my part.

Tot Zeins

Thank, another one for my Rhino notes file.

@bigjimslade: You’ll find that if your thumb basically sets up residence on the space-bar while you’re working, this is a big time-saver.

Space-bar functions as Enter for most operations. As you’ve discovered above, in mid-routine, you just type the underlined letter, then Enter to select that option. Space-bar also works to accept a highlighted default prompt.

(Well, Space-bar is supposed to work. You’ll find a number of instances still littered about in MacRhino where this doesn’t work as expected, in which case RMB often works to accept things where the space-bar won’t. Endearing feature not a bug?!).