Start tangent direction InterpCrv insists on following a curve I dont want it to

This drives me nuts , has done for yrs.

Imagine a letter T formed of two lines, select InterpCrv and choose start tangent by hitting S and enter.
select the junction of upright and cross lines, wishing to head eastwards, instead it wants to start downwards.
Turn off END and use Int and still it wants to go downwards following the upright of the T shape.

I wish it said Direction and one could choose which curve to follow, or even ignore the curve, if the entire T is at an angle and I want to go due east !

It insists in following a line and 99% of the time not where you want.
I have to turn lines off to use it.


Hi Steve, after starting the InterpCrv command including the start tangent option, just hold CTRL over your OSNAP dialog and use the one shot snap named OnCrv, pick your desired curve then the tangent direction, then continue drawing.


I bet there are all sorts of uses for Control over Osnap.

I wonder if someone has done a video on how this extra arsenal of goodies can be used ?

I just never knew of that second set, Pascal mentioned it recently but until one knows how they get used more, they sit wasted,…for me anyway.

I bet there are other Rhino users unaware.

I never saw them in the Rhino V4 training dvd or in the two tutorial manuals I worked through, duck/bottle etc.

A little knowledge is a dangerou sthing it is said.

Having got up and running then bad habits creep in, or more accurately unawareness of good habits, work then starts and one doesnt get time to further train up.


Steve, I was also unaware of the how to easily get the one-shot OSnaps.

I bet we are many !

Its quite true what I ask for a video of basics we would find make life easier.

I never saw that in V4 McNeel basics video.

Now I wonder how they are all used,


Have you ever looked at the Help for Object Snaps?