Keyboard Shortcuts for Grasshopper View menu

@curtisw another thing:

Could we have the option to enable Component Tabs , Canvas Toolbar etc. with shortcuts? Sth like in the screenshots attached maybe?

That would be totally amazing as the minimalistic interface is just too functional and those tabs are only seldomly needed (when I am looking for new components or forgot the name of one…). In this way screen real estate increases significantly.

Thanks so much!

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I like your suggestions for keyboard shortcuts. They feel awkward at first, but they astutely avoid some macOS defaults that I commonly use. Do you have a preference for those in particular? …just curious.

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RH-62147 Grasshopper: View menu: Keyboard shortcuts

Thank you! I am now thinking about it again… the suggested cmd+ctrl+1 actually requires some decent hand Yoga. Probably cmd+alt+1 would be more ergonomic (if that one is not already taken). I am happy with either

Command+option/alt is taken in Grasshopper. Holding those down shows the location of a component in the menus…or it should, but it does so poorly right now. (Logged: RH-62297 Grasshopper: Command+Alt arrows point to the wrong location)

Hand Yoga will have to find another path of least resistance.