Key/Value search component – does not retrieve all matching value

Hello. I’ve got a problem with „Key/Value search” component. Below sketch with description of problem, gh definition and rh model.

I would like the „ Key/Value search” component to retrieve all matching values from set of values which represents breps.

I’ve tried solution from topic

and theoreticly it does work -meaning it retriev index numbers of all matching values but in the end it doesn’t create copy of all matching breps. (227.3 KB)

You have not included the text file that uses the Read File component.

You are not using the Key/Value Search for its purpose (in my opinion it has a confusing name). If your problem is solved by having the same value for the key and the value, then this component (a dictionary) is not what you need.

It would be as easy as using the Equals component to get true to the positions you are looking for, and then filtering a list of indices (a numeric range of integers starting from 0) equal to the size of the collection.

Thank you very much for your response. I’ve checked equality component but it retrieve boolean value so it is not what i’m looking for.

Actually in the meantime i have solve my problem using “Dynamic Geometry pipeline” from Human plug in. Maybe it will be usefull for someone.

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