Kengo Kuma Timber construction

Hello, i’m trying to create a ramp or something like that but underneath the ramp i wanted to make a kenga kuma wooden structure, I completed it with a surface by dividing it and then extruding the vertical and horizontal lines in the different directions. But i can’t get it completed when i want to build it following a curve. And i also do’t know how to get those corners connected correctlt. Does anyone have tips?? (68.0 KB)
this is the file rn


Maybe it’s because I don’t have that plugin but it looks like none of your geometry params (curves) have been internalized?

Aah yeah, that plugin just works fast, i could divide domain and isotrim and than get the corner points and lines from the newly made grid and then follow the rest of the script. But im not really understanding what u mean by internalized. Thanks for ur reply

Hoi -

When you need help from others, you need to internalize all Rhino geometry that you reference in the Grasshopper graph. This is described in this post that you really should read before posting:

In addition to that, when you use a 3rd party plug-in, internalize the data that comes out of that plug-in so that people don’t need to have that plug-in installed in order to be able to help you. Unless, of course, the issue is specific to the plug-in, in which case that fact should be noted explicitly in the title of the post.

Several Curve params in your GH file apparently refer to Rhino geometry but you didn’t post a Rhino file so those curves are missing. You can either post the Rhino file or right-click the params and select ‘Internalize’, which includes them in the GH file.

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Are these all you? Why? 17 of these created in the last few hours, others in the last few days!!??

Attention @wim1, scammer alert?

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Hi Joseph -

Not wim1 here, but, no, these are different users.

Just coincidence they were all created in the last few hours or days? I don’t think so.

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Dear, i think those users are created because of all the students from my university. We have a cloud account were all students are part of. Now i internalized those curves or objects from rhino and i rewrote the script, where i copied one brep to all the points i created. then it worked, but i cant fix the ramp path anymore, do you know how? (55.7 KB) (48.4 KB)
this is the correct one, sorry

Please see Lot of 'users' lately - #6 by wim

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