Kengo Kuma 'Hell Joinery'

Might anyone know how to setup parametric joinery like Kengo Kuma’s Starbucks (photo below)

Or something like this?

After doing some analysis of the joinery, it seems like it’s composed of two overlapping grids of linear members cut perpendicularly to create openings of space in the matrix. I’m very new to Grasshopper, but I’d really love to experiment with this sort of motif. Is there anyway it can be setup in Grasshopper parametrically?

some coloring always helps :slight_smile:

-this image was mirrored for consistency (to not go crazy)-

it looks like the purple elements go from grid node x, y, z to node x, y+1, z-1

green elements go from grid node x, y, z to node x+1, y+1, z

cyan elements go from grid node x, y, z to node x, y+1, z

and red elements go from grid node x, y, z to node x+1, y+1, z-1

a starting point could be leveraging the Relative item component on a 3Dgrid of points:

and probably playing by translating each grid independently in order to find the right compenetration that allows for the joins to be achieved correctly?

edit: what I mean is now you see the beams as if they all were each time compenetrating in a single point -because the file is saved with the 4 identycal grids perfectly overlapped-
by playing with the single XYZ move-vectors of each grid I think you can compenetrate them more or less and eventually find the sweet point?

meshPipe replaced with sweeps, looks much better, a bit slower tho… (27.3 KB)


btw i think its name is Leverworks. Don’t know whether there’s an English version.

And it’s crazy to see it costs $120 on Amazon, as I bought one for merely $5 back in college…

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Thank you for the book suggestion! I managed to find a PDF online, this is very interesting material!

Thank you so much for your help, I will experiment with this, but I think it should work! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Interesting project. I like the splash of color : )

It reminded me a bit of a desert vacation, where I saw “The Belgian Waffle.”
It was cool, with the myriad of strobe lights they had going in it, throwing thousands of razor sharp shadows on the playa. I slept through when they burned it.