Karmba3d masonry beam


Hi, Karamaba
I have 2 problems to model this structure in Karamba as a beam structure . First, there is no masonry cross section in Karamba. Second, Should it be defined as a shell or beam!? Could you please help me with a related tutorial example in your site.
Finally, Please provide an example of a tutorial on curved beams.

Hi @hasan.shafiie,
this is an interesting example!
In Karamba3D 2.0.0 (see here) you can define brittle materials. Input ‘Rankine’ to the input-plug ‘S-Hypo’ which specifies the strangth hypothesis used. Then specify the tensile and compressive strength of your material.
For the beam-like parts you could use trapezoid cross sections. The upper wall could be modeled as a shell.
Karamba3D 2.0.0 can use only straight line segments as beam axes. Therefore it is necessary to cut curved splines into small straight segments by e.g. using Grasshopper’s ‘Divide Curve’-component.
– Clemens

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Thanks. But First, Unfortunately My Karamba is an Educational version !!! . Second, could you please check my definition? why beams changed their form from triangle to straight line? I divided all curves to lines!

unnamed.gh (134.7 KB) Untitled.3dm (4.1 MB)

Hi @hasan.shafiie,

the edu version of the license gives you all the features.
You need to make sure to explode all your polylines before converting them into beams: