Karamba3d Model view option to show the total load

Hi all,

Currently the component “Model View” shows the beam load by each mesh individually. Is there a way to show just the total amount of load within that load case?
If there are 2 equal force acting on the same member in the same load case then effectively we can only see one as they are displayed exactly on top of each other. It is also hard to see when there are numerous meshes applying load to the same member. Thanks


if you join the mesh then you will see that the beam loads are combined:

mesh loads.gh (38.9 KB)

Hi Matthew,

Your solution only works if there is only one load component throughout the entire script though. In a slightly more complex structure that arrangement is not realistic. Could this please be an upgrade to the model view component?
Thank you.

Hello @user1986,
a workaround could be to put the identical load in different load cases and combine these afterwards. in such a way you can check for each load separately whether it exists.

Showing only the total load would be in my opinion confusing for the user. When there are several linear loads it would be hard to check whether all loads are correctly in place.

I think the most elegant solution would be to show each load with increasing offsets from the beam axis. What is your opinion on that?

– Clemens

I would like to express my opinion.
I agree with Clemens that directly displaying the sum of the values of all the loads can make control difficult.

It would be more interesting to display the charges one above the other, and a colour code would also be useful.


Hi Clemens,

Thank you for your reply. My thoughts are as below:

Having separate load cases is not achievable in our situation for 2 reasons. First is that there will be too many load cases with the same meaning. For example if we have an earthquake load case and there are 6 surfaces acting on the same beam, it would need 6 load cases instead of one? We have total 150 load cases so it would pump up the number to 900. Second is in some cases we don’t even know if they are identical or not until after the assemble model because the wind code specified different factor for each surfaces depends on their location and the model geometry.

I would say one of the solution might be an additional tick in the model view called “sum up forces” so users can always go back to individual forces if needed to. Would it be easier to implement than offsets the loads from the beam as you suggest?

Helle @keuj.84, hello @user1986,

thanks for your suggestions!

Creating the load-symbols with offsets option is probably easier to implement than to display the sum since beam loads can partly overlap, have different shapes,… I will have a look at it.

– Clemens

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