Karamba3D calculate the nodes on wood shells

I would like to ask if Karamba3D can calculate the mechanical properties of different nodes on wood mesh shells, I would like to do a calculation of how different nodes behave on wood mesh shells. Here are my node types.

Hi, if you want to analyse the detail itself, Karamba is not the most suitable. However if you want to simulate the typology of node types in a global model this is possible.

Thank you for your answer. I’m not going to analyze the mechanical properties of each node, but just analyze how they differ in the overall mesh shell. So do I need to analyze and simplify the x,y,z constraints for the different nodes and set their rotation constraints in the Karamba nodes? But for example, if two of the nodes shown in my diagram above are of articulated type and not stiffened type, wouldn’t the same type be analyzed the same in the whole as it is the same in the Karamba node setup.

You can use the beam joint agent component to define joints between your element in the structural model. This will help you to define similar connection types.

Thank you very much for the advice, I’ll try it now!

Hello, I would like to ask you that in my space mesh shell, for a rigid node, I can set the X,Y,Z direction to not allow him to move; but what about a semi-rigid node? It is between the rigid node and the articulated node, and the direction of X,Y,Z is different for each node in the space, take the following node as an example, how should I set the constraints?

Joint2.3dm (42.1 KB)
Joint2.gh (25.9 KB)

Hi, in the model view you can view the local axis, and then refer to this to lock a specific axis of rotation depending on your node design