Karamba - Sandwich beam


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I am quite new on Karamba. I was trying to model a sandwich beam.
I have created a top and bottom beam element, and to simulate the core, I have made a shell element with the same thickness of the base of my beam.

My model seems to work fine, I don’t get any error. But the result in the displacement differs by 16% with my analytical calculations. I have also tried to make a model with another FEM software, and the result confirms that the analytical calculations are fine, while the Karamba model is not.

What is wrong in the Karamba model? I guess I am missing something…
04.Sandwich Beam Model.gh (51.4 KB)

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Hello Marina,
Did you try to refine the shell mesh (e.g. 40 sections in longitudinal direction, 10 over the height)?

(Marina) #3

Hi Clemens,

Thank you for the suggestion… now the result is way more accurate!

Thank you a lot,