Karamba, sound and modell vibrations

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on my bachelors thesis.
I would like to optimise a structure in such a way that the vibrations caused by sound waves hitting the object are minimised. Or if not directly optimise it at least evaluate how strong the vibration is/what amount of pressure is acting on the surface.
I was thinking Karamba and/or Pachyderm Acoustics would be up to this task, but I don’t realy have a clue where to get started.
Can anybody tell if this is even possible with Karamba and where I should get started.
I would also be happy about any kind of resources on that topic.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello @lovis,
with Karamba3D you can calculate the Eigenfrequencies of the structure and compare them to the frequency of your soundwaves.
– Clemens

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