Vibration analysis of a solid object

Hi there,
I’m looking for a Grasshopper equivalent of the “modal frequency” simulation that I’ve been using in Autodesk Fusion, to analyse the vibrations of solid objects that I’m modelling in Grasshopper and Rhino. I’ve tried with the natural frequency components in Karamba, but understand that it’s not possible to do this on a solid object. I’ve also just downloaded Alpaca, but struggling to see how to feed the Alpaca. It’s my first time using Karamba and Alpaca, so there might be some obvious things that I’ve missed from the tutorials and documentation, but would appreciate some advice from anyone who has managed to do this, or something like this before. I’m also not an engineer, so I feel like there might be some basic principles that I’m lacking in setting up the model…!
Thanks in advance…!