Karamba, OptiCross Sections local displacement?

Hello everyone.

I finaly try to use the OptiCrossSection components.

It would be practical to be able to define the displacement limits for a local displacement of the bar (and not for a global displacement of the structure).

For exemple, I work on a structure with a large cantilever, the optimization of purlins takes into account the overall displacement of my mains beams and therefore it is difficult to optimize it.

The best would be to be able to define a local displacement limit on a group of bars (set) in the case of a bar divided along its length.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @keuj.84,
this is currently not possible to apply the cross section optimisation on local displacements, but you could try looking to apply a optimisation process with galapagos on the member sizes in the specific region where you have the cantilever. For example, a few sliders which select the cross section in that area, and optimising for the nodal displacement at the tip of the cantilever.

hi @matttam

I’m agree, I made a routine which allows me to find my local displacements, with the beam diplacement components it’s quite tedious but it’ working.

I am more annoyed when I have beams which are divided, it is not easy to find the displacements of the end nodes (compared to the nodes which are along the beam)

Is there a solution to group the beams (beams divided due to an intersection with others)? In order to find the actual endpoints?

Would it work with MakeSet components?

hi @keuj.84,

if you use the disassemble model component you can extract the list of nodes and the order of the nodes corresponds with the order of nodal displacements. Therefore you can locate the specific displacements at a certain node to use in your optimisation process.