Optimisation to achieve a specific displacement


I’m looking to use Karamba3D to optimise a model-based on specific pre-calculated displacement.

I would like it to run the optimisation until the model achieves this displacement - is this possible on Karamba3D? if so what function can help me achieve this ?


Hi Tom,

The Optimize Cross Section component allows you to do exactly that.

If you are performing more a geometric optimisation, you can set up an optimisation process that aims to minimize the displacement.

Hi Matthew,

I’ve caluculated a target displacement i assume it a case of plugging it into the OptiCroSec function.

Although the problem i’m having with this function with a pop up saying “No elements have been selected for optimization. Do the cross section family names of the elements match those given in the cross section list?” - i’ve check my programming so far and there is no reason this would shoould appear (by my limited knowledge) and have read other sources in which it says, if no elements are selected then all the cross sections would be optimised. This is what i’d assume it did…

Have you experienced this before?

Hi Tom, the Optimize Cros Section component will optimize those sections which belong to the same family. Therefore your initial cross sections that you defined for the elements need to belong to the same family as the list of cross sections that you optimize. For example, if you define a HEA100 cross section for a beam, it will only be optimized within the default HEA family(unless you modify the family name). Therefore you will need to input a list of HEA profiles into the OptimizeCrosSec component.

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