Optimize Cross Section on Indeterminate System


I am wondering how Karamba’s optimize cross section component works when dealing with an indeterminate system. As I understand it the component simply picks the first beam that works in the specified list, but in an indeterminate system the load to each member will vary based on it’s stiffness. If the cross section changes, so does the load to the beam, and this becomes an iterative process that the component does not perform if I am understanding it correctly. Is there a better way to define an optimal cross section, maybe without the optimize cross section component but with galapagos instead?

Thanks in advance.

Another question but I don’t want to make a separate forum post:

What is the best way to format a custom table for Karamba to read from the “Cross Section from File” component?

Hi @mgoldenberg,
you can follow the template csv files located in the Karamba folder in Rhino/Plugins. There should also be a shortcut on your desktop to this folder. Also refer to page 58 of the manual on how to use the component.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you very much for the help!

Hi Matthew,

Related to the optimize cross section component, is there a way to specify maximum deflection per member? So instead of having a maximum global displacement I can instead set the maximum displacement for each beam to be L/360 for example.

at the moment (Karamba3D 1.3.2.) it is only possible to set a global maximum displacement.