Karamba+Human UI

Has anyone been able to successfully show karamba 3d beam view results i.e. displacements, utilization using HUMAN UI. I cant get the colors of beam-view in the screen. See photo.

Hi @Ajaz_Ahmed,
I think I know what the problem could be: the numbers, tags,… which Karamba3D displays are rendered directly via Rhino, whereas meshes, lines are available as Grasshopper results at the output-plugs of ‘ModelView’- and ‘BeamView’- and ‘ShellView’-components.
It could be an practical feature to have a component which outputs the tags and numbers of K3D as Grasshopper Geometry. I added this on the feature list (see Karamba3D 3.0.0 · GitHub). It is however hard to say when it will be available.
– Clemens