Karamba data import from Grasshopper to GhPython

Hi all,

I’m trying to calculate a karamba model in a grasshopper python loop, but i just can’t get to karamba classes imported to GhPyhton correctly

karamba_model_import_python.gh (39.4 KB)

Please excuse the beginner question, but i checked the karamba API documentation and didn’t find anything and the c# examples are no help in this regard.

thanks for your time

Hi @starke,
here the link to the IronPython section of the scripting manual: 2.7: The IronPython Component - Scripting Guide 1.3.3.
The signature of the ThIAnalyze.solve-method can be found here: ThIAnalyze.solve Method.
I think the problem is, that you do not pass enough parameters to the solve-method.
– Clemens

Hi Clemens,
thanks for the quick reply. I get the same error with the SimpleShellEso.gh sample file: “Solution exception:expected Model, got Model”

but it seems to be a probelm of grasshopper 7 because i dont’t get that error with grasshopper 6.

thanks again

Hi @starke,
this error message means, that the ‘karamba.gha’-assembly was loaded twice. Check which path Rhino7 uses to load ‘karamba.gha’ and make sure to have the same in your python script.
– Clemens

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