Error running example file for KarambaAPI in iron python

Hi there,

I tried to run an example file for using Karamba API in python
link below: 2.7.1: Results Retrieval on Shells - Scripting Guide 2.2.0

on running the file i get the following error:

I don’t quite understand what the error is about, any thoughts? I didn’t modify anything to the file

other details
windows 10PC
Rhino 7
Karamba release: 2.2.0

Hi @keerthana,
this message typically indicates that the ‘karambaCommon.dll’ and ‘karamba.gha’ assemblies have been loaded twice to memory (e.g. different versions).
There may be multiple reasons for this. In Grasshopper it sometimes helps to unhook ‘Memory load *.GHA assemblies…’ in the ‘GrasshopperDeveloperSettings’. If you are using Visual Studio try to set the ‘Copy local’ option of the reference to the Karamba3D assemblies to false. Sometimes it helps to rename the plug-in such that it alphanumerically comes after ‘Karamba’.
– Clemens