Karamba3d scripting in python

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a complex Karamba3d analysis with a number of loops in python.
I was going over the “Karamba3d Scripting Guide” and it doesn’t give any information/description/parameters on the different tools it uses in the examples.
Anyone knows where can i find the Karamba3d API or have any other idea that will help me understanding how to use Karamba3s in python?

Thank you,

Hi @yhakimi.eng,
did you have a look at https://github.com/karamba3d?
– Clemens

Hi Clemens,

I took a look at the link you’ve attached, I couldn’t find ant reference to coding in python.
From what i saw there were unit test in the link, can you please explain how can I use that information to understand better how to use Karamba library in python?


I never tried with Karamba, but I usually use ghpythonlib.components to call GH plugins in Python script.

import ghpythonlib.components as gh
anchor = gh.Kangaroo2Component.Anchor(gh.ConstructPoint(0,0,0), gh.ConstructPoint(0,0,0), 10000)

Example for Kangaroo2.

Hi Yoav,
I assumed that you use Iron Python which comes with Grasshopper. In that case one can use the Karamba3D API with Python in the same way as for C#.
– Clemens