Kangaroo2 scripting question

I could make few custom Goals. Now stuck with a problem.
I have defined anchors and assigned Unary force to each particles innitially.
When the kangaroo relaxation running , the particles should collide with few curves and new anchor points should be inserted at collision points.

The collision is working and the anchor points are working, but new anchor points are effected by Unary force and moving up at certain extend.
What I understand Unary force is applied on all particles at the beginning and it is still active on newly created anchor points. Now I have to remove Unary forces from the particles which converted to Anchors.

My question is:
How to remove Unary force from the particles, which turned into anchors at later steps?
I tried by saying
Unary_List[index of_new_anchor[i]].Move[0] = Vector3d.Zero;

But by assigning Move[0] =Vector3d.Zero, it did not work.
In short I want to stop some particles from moving up( These new anchors incrementally increase the number by colliding with curves) and act like Anchors.

I have also tried with a custom goal, with true false tag. If the spring collide the curve, the start and end particles should turn on true flag and Unary force should be Zero.
Result of error is quite interesting , but the project requirement is very specific.

But strange still it is moving up.
Any clue will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance !

Oh! It worked ! just after I convert the collision springs’ start and end points as anchors. I was only converting collision points to anchors, not the spring’s start and end points to anchors . So the colliding springs where listening to Unary forces.

The problem is solved ! It was a small mistake.