KANGAROO2 Circle Packing - Different sized circles

Thanks, problem solved :laughing:

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Thanks Daniel for the impressive circle packing2
as Grasshopper newbie I’m having the same assembly reference issue in Rhino7 for Mac,
do you have a suggestion to run wrapcircles4?

Hi @dynmx,
Thanks - see the answer here on setting the reference assembly location on Mac:

top! works :-)>

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Hi folks,
Thanks this very usefull thread, I played with these definitions but always noticed there’s a C# component that make me feel like the last of the classroom…wait this remember something.
When it’s about packing like above examples is it the only way to do it?As I know nothing about C# this is a kind of prohibition for me, should I copy paste my schoolmate work, again?..

Circle packing is one of the most-used kangaroo applications, maybe it should become a stand-alone rhino command.

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What a great thread!

I used the script you posted @DanielPiker [wrapcircles4.gh|attachment], and its been really fun playing with, but i somehow i am unable to ‘drag’ the circles the same way you do. It might just be a stupid ‘disable window selection’ but i am unable find any setting for that.

whats your magic touch? :slight_smile:

Are you on the latest version of Rhino?

pressing alt probably

no unfortunately not - i tried that before as well.

If anybody has a clue feel free :slight_smile:

dear @DanielPiker am really impressive with your work. so, I was working on 3d spheres packing in order to create a random 3d spheres inside a box with high density without getting theme intersected or overlaped, let’s say more than 70% inside the box volume. I would like to control the spheres radius and number and I want it to be random distribution. And this is my try’s I would really appreciate your help.
you can find my try’s down here
sphers test.gh (13.3 KB)
circlenestpuzzle-modification.gh (17.4 KB)