Kangaroo solver question

I was testing Kangaroo, and it uses the same solver for tensile structures, origamis, etc…

Is it possible to check the formulas inside Kangaroo? Or is there a place to read how it works?
Also, what is the difference with zombie solver?


Hi Javier,

I wrote a bit about the how the solver works here

As for the zombie vs regular solver components, the difference is more about how it works on the grasshopper canvas.

The regular solver component updates the grasshopper outputs ‘live’ while it is solving, so the display and downstream components will change as it iterates.
This is unlike most grasshopper components which perform some computation and output only the final result.
The zombie solver behaves more like a standard component - it keeps all the iterations hidden until reaching the stopping point (either by reaching the given max iteration count, or the energy threshold), and only then outputs to the canvas.

Hi Daniel, thank you
When you speak about energy, do you refer to kinetic energy? Potential energy? Or the sum of both?

Kangaroo solver uses the same algorith for origamis, tensile structures…? Or does it adapt depending on the inputs?