Kangaroo 2 Grab component to reference GH points


(Kaspar Ehrhardt) #1

Hey @DanielPiker,
I’m using the Grab component to reference GH Points. The goal is to insert PLines into e.g. a SpaceFrame structure for comlex connections which run out of the general idea of the structure.

I have two qustions regarding the Grab Component:
1st: Would it be possible to get a List of Indices of the selected points out of the Grab Componant?
2nd: The selected Points are in different branches and should connect to PLines with different numbers of segments. Would it be possible to insert with e.g. strg+LMB etc. a fixed value with which the branches could be sublisted afterwards?

Attached a file with the (unsmooth) Idea.

181119_SelPointsScript.gh (15.2 KB)