Kangaroo grab component, save position


say i have a mesh, that i am relaxing (with length(line) set to 0) and then use the grab component to move point. However after moving a point, the results keeps snapping back to the relaxed position…

Is there a way to “save” the changes I made with the grab component?

Thanks a lot! Greetings,


Hi Rudi,

If you know which point you want to move, you can use an anchor and move the position of the Target point with the gumball, as shown here: Kangaroo tensile.
In an earlier version the grab component did allow you to right click and turn the grabbed component into an anchor, but I lost this functionality with one update to how the grab works (it’s tricky making sure it doesn’t interfere with normal Rhino mouse interaction). I’ll have another go at restoring this for the next version.