Orient goal between two frames in Kangaroo 2

Dear Rhino/Grasshopper community,

I apologize for being so persistent (@DanielPiker ), but I like to give it one more try, and promise not to bother anyone anymore after this time.

The attached example only illustrates the behavior I’m looking after.

There are two frames in my example which I like to stay oriented in relation to each other, but I just can’t get it done. The idea is that the rectangular geometry (which could be any geometry), can be moved around on a circular path. This is obtained by setting a rigid goal between an anchor point (0,0,0), and the centroid of the geometry. This works as intended.

Secondly, the rectangular geometry should collide with the circle, which is anchored in place (0 DOF).

This is where I’m stuck. The rectangular geometry does collide with the circle, but pivots around its centroid. This is undesired. I like to rectangular geometry to maintain its orientation. The orientation of the “Rigid Body Goal”-Plane and that of the rectangular geometry frame should always be the same.

I’m very grateful for some help, it would help me out a lot on the project I’m working on.

The GH-File was created on Mac, and it uses a modified “Grab”-Node. On PC you probably need to reconnect the Grab-Node

OrientedFrames.gh (18.8 KB)

I found a solution!

I “just” needed to plug in the right frame from the “CurveCollide”-node into the plane-input of the “RigidPointSet”-node. In retrospect very logical.

I’m really impressed by the possibilities of Kangaroo. I only wish a bit more in-depth explanation of each node is available somewhere.


OrientedFrames_Solution.gh (9.8 KB)

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