Just upgraded to RH6... Failed to save to sketchup, writing plugin failed..,

Hey, it’s my first post here.

So i’ve just upgraded from my Rhino 5 Edu to Rhino 6 Edu.
Im in a middle of a project for my university, im currently in a workflow that requires me generating portions of panels in grasshopper, baking then and then Export Selected to .skp.

It worked flawlessly in Rh5 - in Rhino 6 it returns a window saying “Failed to save to <…> Writing plugin failed.”
I’ve tried many many combinations of settings, different versions of Sketchup and so on. Nothing works.

Any help? Can I use my old license key to use old Rhino?

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Hi Filip - you can use V5 and V6 both - but does writing skp fail with any object, like a box in a new file?

@filip.kabelis - if it only happens with some geometry, please post an example or send to tech@mcneel.com