Joining multiple brebs that do not instersect to a single object

for our project we are tring to embed a qr code to an object.We were able to create a qr code by using information in this ,
QR code font, website and we extruded the qr code(black portion of qr code) to 3d object. However when we try to use this object with another with solid difference command we dont get a good result.We tried to unite the extruded brebs of qr code but we get 10 different object. How can we unite these object that dont intersect into a single object.

Then, why don’t you try to extrude the white portion of the QR code instead of the black portion?

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thanks for the answer.But we have to embed the qr code onto the surface of an already drawn object.We want to get an extruded qr code(black surface) to use solid difference.