2D image to 3D breps

Hi, I’m new in Rhino. Just trying to extrude 2D images and create 3D solids. Next step of that is subtracting this solid from another solid which already exist. Considering my next step, is there any solution for converting like this?
Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Could you provide an example what you want to achieve?


I want to do this on Rhino. Actually I can do on python but I need to do on Rhino

Hello if grasshopper is an option you could use rooster

Yeah it helps very well. Only problem is solid difference goes wrong way. And how can I fill the black part of the qr code.

Edit not a good idea : You can use Cap Holes after the extrusion. Then it will be possible to make a difference with a solid to have the inverted part.

If you just want QR code you could use

Cap holes ex is very helpful but again I get trouble about capping all the holes. For “Turn policy” of the rooster what value can I use? 4 won’t work properly. I also look at your component but I couldn’t add the dll part to right folder.

For your problem the more simple solution could be to know the number of row and collumn and add square surface where it is black, see this

The good folder is obtained like that in Grasshopper. There must be gha and dll there (don’t forget to unblock them)

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: I tried that one and results are not as good as I expected, so I will try to completely unterstand previous one and try to make some editing. For your component, gha part are not dowloaded only dll files can dowload from the links or I couldnt find the correct link.

Excuse me it is not a GHA but a GH !! And dll are on the same directory as gh file. I forgot what I did !!!

Still I get these error

Have you the dll unblocked and on the same directory (not mandatory but must help) ?

Ohh, now I can use your component, thanks a lot :slight_smile: