I couldnt define my extrusion as an object

Hi , I am new user of Rhino and Grasshopper , I am trying to extrude black region of qr code , i achieve it thanks to Laurent Delrieu’s work but for example when i want to save it as an STL file there is an error like there is no object in your work. How can i define my extrusion as an object. Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

here is my work;

Did you backed the geometry before exporting?

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thanks for your reply , Since i am new , i do not know how to use these programs exactly , how can i do that? ( Sorry for simple questions :smiley: )

right click on your extrusion output and “bake” to rhino document. as long as you didn’t do it, its just a preview in rhino not an actual object.

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You need to right-click the ‘Extrusion’ button then ‘Bake’ it to make it available in Rhino viewport

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thank u so much