Joining disjointed meshes?

I can’t seem to join disjointed meshes in the WIP, and if I have an existing mesh which is made up of some disjointed meshes and attempt to join that to something else, the disjointed parts are split. I’m hoping this is a bug and not intentional. Example attached.


MeshJoin.3dm (194.4 KB)

Odd, both Joins work here in the latest daily build. I used version 129976 of the WIP so maybe this was busted in the one you have.
Here’s the joined file…
MeshJoin_BrianJ.3dm (194.2 KB)

Sam, @BrianJ, in V6, Join has a setting for this (no preselection).


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Interesting… I suppose the default is Yes, was yours set to No @SamPage?

Thank you for giving us a choice in this !

That was the case, thanks guys!


It is a bug though, I think, that setting No splits existing disjoint meshes in the selection - I don’t think that is expected, right?


Right for me.

BTW: Why is window-selection during post-selection not allowed in _Join?

Hi Jess- I don’t recall the details, but I did see an explanation once, I think - @chuck, do you know?


I also have something in the back of my head, but it just feels buggy with these meshes. So I thought I’ll mention it while you file a bug for Join. Now I’ll try to keep your left hand free alt-j :wink:

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Hey, at least the worst is over- my right side got all realigned, reattached, reoriented yesterday - I still can’t use it quite yet, but at least it’s not flopping around like a wet noodle.



For polysurfaces…
If post-select Join were to allow creating more than one object, then each time more things are added to the selection set we would have to call a group join operation on all the newly added plus all the previously added objects. This can take a huge amount of time. The test to see if a single new object can join to a single existing one is fast. Group joining speed in v5 is greatly improved over v4 so maybe this isn’t necessary any more.

ouch ouch!.. don’t make such pictures in my head! However - when it sticks to the wall, it is ready (al dente). Hope you can bang on the table again pretty soon!

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Well, sometimes I’m group-joining hundreds of surfaces and I cannot complain about the speed. In any case it is faster than picking the surfaces one by one.

The only thing I took advantage occasionally is the looser tolerance while post picking. Usually I’m pre-picking - so I don’t mind if you leave it like it is.