Strange joining difficulty

Here’s a sample section of a larger object that I’m having trouble Join-ing up cleanly…mostly re-joining after extracting. It shouldn’t really be a problem, it’s not having trouble in the “tricky” tiny areas I might expect stray edges popping up, JoinEdge shows the edges being really really close…this project hasn’t been a problem until all of a sudden. Does anything look weird about this? I’m going to see if the WIP is any different…
joining trouble.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Jim - you mean, cleanly as in not all those internal nakeds, correct?


Yes…it was all joined up nice at one point…then I had to extract some bits for whatever reason, and now I can’t get it back together… the WIP did do better, but it wasn’t able to just join up the whole pattern of dozens of those without some extraneous nakeds.

It seems to be different depending on how, in what order, things are done… I’ll poke at this some more.


When this happens to me I sometimes find that RebuildEdges resets everything, and then if I still have naked edges after running that, MatchSrf at least works predictably to close them up.

Yeah…but it WAS all painstakingly joined up nice, and now it’s not, which is weird…I wonder if a stray duplicate surface has popped in and it’s confused…

Oofff, that’s always brutal. I’ve been there man.

joining trouble_rh6.3dm (1.2 MB)

joining step by step worked for me.
started with the fillets to do kind of skeleton, than the inner, bigger surfaces.

kind regards - tom

Hi @JimCarruthers,

You have two pairs of small duplicated surfaces. Remove the duplicates and it joins cleanly in one step.

I’ve moved the two dups into a separate layer here:
joining trouble_joined.3dm (1.2 MB)


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Yeah I thought so, thanks!