Joining Curves so that Extrude operations can take place

Shapediver Creators and Staff,

I have created a configurator that mades the art pictured in attachments listed.

The configurator outputs a dxf the works great for cutting on a laser cutter
cutfile_example.dxf (1.1 MB)

What I am having a heck of a time with is efficiently and quickly creating geometry that is created froim all the inside elements added to (edited to fix glarring mistake in original post) the outer (circle or polygon). This geometry would then be extruded. My attempts so for are taking over a minute to complete, I need to bring that duration down to 8-10 seconds.

Any help would be truly appreciated. I will happily share my current grasshopper file with all who believe they can assist.

Thank you in advance,

Mark Plaga (28.9 KB)

P.S. Added white group to ‘Extrude and Combine’, with a single perimeter ring: (45.7 KB)

P.P.S. With all curves internalized. (186.7 KB)


Thank you very much for your timely reply.,

I was excited to see your reply, , unitil I realized that maybe I didn’t properly define the problem.
Can you see if you could work your magic using this Grasshopper File (A simplified definition) as a starting point instead of starting with the dxf file.

Need To Extrude and (14.6 KB)

Best Regards,

Mark Plaga

p.s. If we can figure this out Ill make you one.

What a pity. I see no resemblance between the geometry in your two GH files.

By the way, you are generating ten rotation angles but four of them are duplicates. Changing the value of Series ‘C’ (Count) from 10 to 6 has no apparent effect on the end result.

The first file has two layers, I see only one layer in the second file? So this is probably wrong too?

Need To Extrude and (19.6 KB)

P.S. It’s not “magic”!


You are correct that there was only supposed to be 6 rotations.

I only did one layer in this example file purposely.

Great work. Thank you for your efforts.


one more side note. I wanted to make sure it was understood that the inside elements and the border be combined as one piece.

That’s not a “side note”, it’s the opposite of the earlier file and changes everything!
The easiest way, if not the most elegant, is to replace the SDiff with SUnion.

Need To Extrude and (15.4 KB)

I honestly don’t appreciate incrementally moving goal posts.

The file I put in this forum post was an example file. I send you the real file to your email.



Please let me apologize if there was any confusion. I see now how I worded the original post led you to think that the ring would not be poart of the design. I am so very sorry for the confusion.


Thanks to @Joseph_Oster for the help. I put an early prototype of the configurator up (without the ability to edit the curve, I’ll get to that tomorrow, right now the wife and hottub are calling.) You may find the preliminary results on ShapeDiver here:

Thanks for being such a great community.