Joining an inner scanned drawing to an outa scanned drawing

I have two scanned files of a shell, one is the outside and the other is inside, I would like to join these two drawings together to make one drawing of the shell.

I have been reading some of the similar questions and I have been unsuccessful so far, I am still very new to CAD :slight_smile:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello - are the shells aligned? If you import them both do they already end up in the right places? That would be a start, but what are the scans? Points/PointCloud? Meshes?


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for replying to my question.

The scans are separate .STL, when imported they are not in the right places they are two separate drawings side by side. they are meshes.

Hello - and is the goal to make a 3d print? i.e. we don’t need to worry about reverse engineering the mesh to surfaces, we just need to align the meshes and close off the edge, leaving the whole thing as a polygon mesh - am I on the right track?


Yes, Pascal, you are on the right :slight_smile:

Hello - I guess the details depend on what you’ve got… I can imagine a couple or three ways to get the meshes aligned - all of them somewhat tedious… if you can zip and upload the files to, to my attention, I’ll have a look and see if anything useful comes to mind in the way of a workflow. Please include a link back here to this topic in your comments…


Hi Pascal,

I have completed the upload.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Andrew - it’s hard to see from here how the two parts are meant to align - I see that there is a planar or near-planar cut on both - are those the same plane, in theory? Knowing that would help get things started at least…


Hi Pascal,

I am not sure, I have attached another file where I have tried to align the two parts, this may give you a better idea about where they fit together.

join_try1.3dm (1.45 MB)

join_try1.stl (2.39 MB)

Hi Andrew - see the attached file - this might be one way to work, to get things positioned.
Using History, Project some lines onto the meshes - these projections will be ‘live’ section curves that will update as you manipulate the two meshes, showing their relationship at these locations.

join_try1_Maybe.3dm (2.0 MB)

Once in place we can start to think about how they ought to be connected.