Plugin for align meshes

Hi I am new to the forum.

I would ask if anyone knows some plugin to align meshes and make best Fit.

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yes I’m necroposting this. :coffee:

If we could put some attention on this, that would be great :coffee:

first we need to ask, what task are you trying to complete? are you aligning scans or parts of scans? Are you trying to curvature fit or brute force (like a 3 point)

more detail will help-

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Yes, multiple scans of single perspective capture. Say, two or three at a time or one at a time upto one or more “anchored” references.

I might create a channel that demonstrates some old examples I recorded.

The 3 point brute force method per say, imo, is obsolete. In my experience, once upon a time there was software called “Rapidworks” that I used where I would manually ‘rough align’ scans and then run some algorithms that would very accurately align them – probably using some kinda of curvature comparison of some kind or another.

Like I said, I’m probably going to post videos on youtube demonstrating this stuff, because it’s like ancient technology we don’t have available anymore. And there’s now only about two companies controlling the tech and that’s just silly.

there are a lot of other software that are specifically designed to do this, Rhino would not be my first choice for doing that type of work. Most scanners actually come with some sort of scan processing software.

There’s really not alot. There’s only 3 particular ones worth mentioning, in regard to precision alignment. The only other one worth mentioning was a spin off of one of those 3. And since that particular one is busy suing itself, then the world needs a better solution.

Rhino is the next best choice.

Most scanners have really bad processing software. There’s only a couple brands worth mentioning.

There’s basically 2 companies that control the ones worth mentioning.

It’s time for Rhino to add alignment functionality. We can worry about the scanning later, but the mesh archives need a solution.

Meshes or point clouds?

Cloud Compare is an option for the latter. Alignment and Registration - CloudCompareWiki

Aligning point clouds seems more difficult than meshes, but I don’t recall seeing anything along that lines recently.

Technically both.

I don’t really agree. But I’ll look into it again.

Working with pointclouds as long as possible would be my preference, but eventually they do need to be converted into mesh form.

In my experience in the past, I remember only being able to maintain the point cloud state upto a point within reason.

The reasonable point was maybe about 3 or 4 separate scans aligned within the point cloud state.

From there, I’d either copy them into anew single entity, before eventually running them through a mesh conversion.

So, I’d get approximately 3-6 singular pointclouds aligned prior to conversion, and then move on from there into mesh form.

Although, I’d prefer the point cloud state all the way to the end if possible.

A single 3D object can be comprised of 100’s and even 1000’s of scans that require post processing and alignment.

Even the new high hand-held scanners that do realtime alignments, technically should implement some segregation of say between a dozen or four dozen separate scans that should be post processed and aligned after scanning. But I’ve noticed their software doesn’t really embrace that, and shockingly their software is very underdeveloped – while considering they are probably struggling to survive from software power grabs from bigger companies that are restricting which scanners are allowed to used which post processing software.

So in the meantime when co’s like Nextengine NY, and Nextengine CA are busy suing eachother and co’s like 3DSystems, and Ametek are busy powergrabbing everything, I figure it’s time for Rhino to step up to the plate and antiquate the nonsense by adding some simple mesh alignment tools – or something.

There’s countless terabytes of data out there literally at a standstill atm due to the ridiculous lack of mesh alignment solutions in this world.

And ppl wonder why we hardly build stuff anymore.

Looks promising. I’ll look more into this. :pray:t4: :beers: