Join curves does not work well

Hello, I have a problem with join curves.
I want to join curves(Lines) in only 1 curve.
Currently, it is divided into several curves. (Tolerance is 0.1 millimeter)
Is there any good solution?
Thank you. (18.0 KB)

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Your request ist not possible.

What do you want to do with the curves?

I want to randomly move the vertices of curves and then convert them to pipes.
I think that if the vertices are not joined when moving randomly, they may not be connected when converted to pipes.

Joining the lines is not necessary.

To be exact, your objects aren’t curves. They’re lines connecting two points…

So, you’d start by extracting all end points of the lines and culling the duplicates.

Then you need one vector per point to move into a random direction.

Finally you reconstruct the lines and a closed SubD can be created with MultiPipe.

PS: I would disable the MultiPipe component before manipulating any of the inputs / sliders. (22.6 KB)

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octet Edited V0 line (21.9 KB)

Honeycam 2023-09-15 19-30-08

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Nice solution with the Topologizer :slight_smile:

New headshot? Very handsome :grinning:

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@martinsiegrist , @Quan_Li
Thank you very much!
I got what I wanted.