Joining ( a LOT ) of Curves


I am trying to do the simplest thing, joining some Curves, but it turns out not to be so easy. I have a PDF Topomap that I converted in Adobe Illustrator into a DWG. I brought that DWG into Rhino6 and I want to join the dashed lines that represent the Topo-lines. I clicked on each individual line and used Command: JoinCurve, but it does not work. Instead I get the error; Unable to join curves.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can achieve joining all these curves in the quickest way possible? There is no way I plan on sitting in front of Rhino and connecting each tiny little dashed line one-by-one. I would die by the time i finish connecting all these …

I attached some screenshots explaining what I am trying to do.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Anthony -

There is no such command. The regular Join command will join curves that are within tolerance.

While screenshots provide some information, it is much better to post a 3dm file with just a part of the objects that are sufficient to illustrate an issue.

If the dashes are, in fact, individual curves, they are not within tolerance of each other and you can’t join them. You could select them, as you have in that second picture, use ExtractPt to extract their points, and then use CurveThroughPt to create a single curve through these points.

The best way would be to go find some real data that has continuous lines. What you are trying to do is not something Rhino can do, while your eye/brain can figure out which collection of dashed lines put together represents a single contour line, to Rhino they are just a bunch of random line segments and it has no idea which goes with which.

Originally this topo data was continuous lines - but someone put a dashed display linetype on them for some reason and then exported as PDF. Unfortunately, PDF does not support linetypes, so to display dashed lines, it breaks them into individual segments which are not recoverable as a single curve.


You mention you have Adobe Illustrator, so you might try this plug in

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