Hey Dale, would you consider making an API for R5?

Hey Dale, would you consider making an API for R5?
so that if we are running like VS2012 or the like, we could make plugins without having to get a copy of 2005/8 Pro?

Or, could you add “Automation” to rhino, or… maybe make a library or the like.
To be honest, I would love to do some plugin work, but I cannot justify the cost of VS2005/8 pro, for a plugin here or there.

Perhaps an API for Rhino would allow us to write plugins no matter what version of VS we run.

Not trying to be a pain, and thanks for all you do!


You can use VS2012 to build RhinoCommon based plug-ins. Only the C++ SDK requires using the same version of Visual Studio that Rhino was built against (2005 for 32bit and 2010 for 64bit).

Hi Scott,

You don’t need Visual Studio 2008 for Rhino development. And, you only need Visual Studio 2005 if you want to build plug-ins for Rhino 4 or 32-bit plug-ins for Rhino 5.

As Steve pointed out, you can use Visual Studio 2012 to build .NET plug-in based on RhinoCommon. You can also use the free versions of Visual Studio (Express) as well.