Jewelry Diamond Stones

I’m sorry for asking this again, but does anyone have a file with normal diamond shapes.
something like matrix have.
or maybe something like this
RoundShape.3dm (302.5 KB)
but not just Round Cut, also Cushion, Princess, Emerald, Ascher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Heart

Here is a large group of gemstones that someone offered here on the forum awhile ago.
Once you choose the one you like copy it into your drawing then you can size it to what you (232.0 KB)
gemstones.3dm (331.7 KB)

You can use the RhinoGold , and Buy it .

I had that file, but I’m looking for gems like what I uploaded, and also the file u gave doesnt have similar shapes as the original diamond shapes, if u have maybr other 3dm file it would be very appreciate